Our App

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We use an app to keep you updated throughout the day of your dog’s play and care. Staff can also be messaged directly via the app if specific questions or concerns arise. We believe you should always have access to what your dog is up to while they are at The Houndry!

We post pictures and videos of play as often as possible, let you know if they get a time-out, if anything out of the ordinary happens (like if we notice scrape on their nose or if we see a tick!), potty and rest breaks, and even if they eat their lunch! We use it for everything and rely on it to keep you posted throughout the day. Clients also have the option to update their own profiles in the app, keeping personal info up-to-date and vet information current.

Live Video Feed

We have video cameras in each play room and in the yards to continuously monitor the groups for safety and play purposes. This also allows you to keep an eye on where your pup is and who they are playing with!

*We hope to have the live feed available for clients to stream again soon! We know this is important to you, something you used before we moved to our current location, and a “promise” we built our business on, so we will continue working until it is up and running again!