Our Outdoor Space


We have over 4,000 square feet of outdoor space. The yard is surrounded by beautiful trees and bushes with a babbling creek just outside the fence. We have two main outdoor spaces which are separated from each other, allowing two play groups to be outside and enjoying the beautiful weather without interacting. A portion of the each yard has an awning, and in the event of a rainstorm or other inclement weather, the dogs still have a place to go outside for potty breaks. During the hot months we bring out kiddie pools for the dogs to play in! We keep the yards as clean as possible and get them treated for pests on a monthly basis—except for the butterflies! We get several in our yard and the dogs love to chase them!


Our Indoor Space


The Houndry has approximately 5,000 square feet of play space for the different groups to be throughout the day. We have a small dog indoor play space, a large dog indoor play space (which has a garage door that gets opened up on nice days allowing the dogs to go in and out as they please), two play rooms to accommodate our dayboarders or extra play groups, and space in the front office for older or more mellow dogs who would rather relax than be rambunctious. We have Kuranda beds available for the dogs who want to take a quick nap, and toys for the groups that can play nice with them! Dogs always have access to fresh water in the playroom, and their own personal bowls in their crates. We use the same style of crate commonly used in a home to reinforce good crate behavior for rest breaks (or time outs if they need one!). Each crate is labeled with a specific dog’s name, any health information, etc. for the day. The dogs who come on a regular basis actually get used to and know where their crate is, and will run right to it during breaks! All of these practices ensure we take consistently good care of each dog and establish routines with the dogs, which builds stability and confidence in their demeanor.